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Changing Tides PaddleCraft offers kayak, canoe and SUP (standup paddle board) instruction and training in Connecticut and New York. We are proud that our Instructors are trained and Certified by the American Canoe Association - the benchmark for paddling Instruction in North America. Together our staff span a broad range of paddling disciplines from flat to moving water in coastal and river environments. We bring depth of experience and love of the outdoors to the art of building your paddling skills. We are proud to share the latest news about our activities.


News About CTPC Classes and Events

New Haven Harbor from Lighthouse Point Park

Advice to Winter Paddlers: Water temperatures are generally below 45F. In winter and early spring we follow the 1:10:1 rule: 1 minute to get breathing under control if cold water reaches the neck or chest; 10 minutes before succumbing to swim failure if not waring a PFD; and 1 hour before succumbing to hypothermia without proper insulating clothing. Cold water drownings happen quickly and are typically due to the "gasp" reflex. We paddle in the winter, but we take special precautions: wear a drysuit with insulating liner or a full wetsuit and wind screen under a properly fitted PFD. Proper training includes multiple rescue techniques with proficiency of under 2 minutes. Never paddle alone, and make sure the others in your party are properly trained and equipped. NOTE: from 10/1 to 5/31 in CT and 11/1 to 5/1 in NY, PFDs are required by law to be worn by all paddlers. Consult our Trip Planning page for more tools to plan a safe trip. Paddle safe to have fun!

NOTE! SKSA has a new URL: as of October 2017 our sister company on Long Island has received a new website name. If you are looking for SKSA you can now find it at SKSAltd.com. Thank you for your patience and support.

Pending Wilderness First Aid:What can you do when someone in your group is hurt and help is not a phone call away? This 2-day course provides a 2-year certification in Wilderness First aid and is preferred to fulfill the FA requirement for on-water Instructors as well as other outdoor professionals. If you lead casual trips for friends or a club, this will be useful and helpful training to have in an emergency. Please call 860-799-5459 to advise us of your interest in this program.

ACT SOON! Camp Counselors Check out our extensive offering on Camps programs. After 15 years of working with camps all over the Northeast we have a comprehensive progam of paddler training aimed at the needs of Camps, Scout Troups and Clubs. Consult our Camps page for more details. The start of the camps season coincides with our busy season, so begin scheduling as early as possible. Call us at 860-799-5459 with questions.

NY Classes - Summer Classes at Empire Kayaks: We are again offering classes in Kayak and SUP in Island Park, NY at Empire Kayaks. These fun classes take place on Sundays and are designed to jump-start your enjoyment of the sport. We are also available for private lessons there on selected afternoons. Call 860-799-5459 to inquire about curriculum. Check our schedule page for details dates and times. Call EmpireKayaks at 516-889-8300 for registration.

CT Classes - Summer classes at Martin Park: just scheduled for the 2018 season, we are offering classes on Monday afternoons, 4:30 to 6:00 pm, June through August in kayak and SUP at Ridgefield's Martin Park Beach. This year we will offer level-1 and level-2 classes in both disciplines. Our Schedule page has details. Contact Ridgefield Parks and Rec at 203-431-2755 to register.

Just for you! Custom Classes: Construct a special class to fit your exact needs and schedule! Register for a private or semi-private lesson at the level of your choice. For details check out our Class Description or call us at 860-799-5459 to discuss your needs and plan a class.

Instructors! ACA Certified Instructor Trainer: We offer ACA skills classes and skill assessments in coastal kayak (L4), canoe (L2) and Standup Paddle Board - SUP (L2), as well as ACA Coastal Kayak Trip Leader Training/Assessment and ACA Coastal Kayak Instructor Development, Certication and Updates (L4). For more information on class capabilities visit our Classes page. For more details about our company and staff visit our About page. Please feel free to call us at 860-799-5459 for specific support of your certification needs.


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